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Gemini Man

The opening scene held my expectations high, unfortunately I had to walk out of this one. That's not to say, I won't re-watch it in a better setting.

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Doctor Sleep

Distinctively not to long ago I remember asking a group of friends who their favorite movie was from director Stanley Kubrick. To which one of them said, "The Shinning" Puzzled I had to ask why? While giving me that puzzled look back it was later agreed that I'd have to re-watch…

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21 Bridges

I don't remember the last movie that had such a good soundtrack that ended up getting discuss as oppose to the actual plot. The story won't disappoint either so don't let me steer you away from that. On the contrary if you can't remember last good action film you've watch, this…

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Knives Out was Good

The best part about going to films like these is hearing the laughter from literally everyone in the room. It's Contagious The best way I could honestly describe this movie is like watching a smarter version of Inspector Jacques Clouseau from Pink Panther ™ with the Clue Board setting being the…

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Smoke Weed You’ll be Good?

I think that was the message Shia LaBeouf was trying to portrait in his self documentary Honey Boy. All jokes aside Seeing Shia in a different role then I was used to and still coming out strong makes me want to re-watch this movie again. Assuming this was an excerpt from…

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