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Mick Jenkins – U Turn (Official Audio)

It's fallacies all up in your watch, all up in your shoes. The tragedy, a cacophony causin' casualties. I'm glad to be black as coffee bean, on my Master P, My Cardi B, see, I'm takin' off like the brace is off.

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Supa BWE- Hip Hop in Chinatown 2019

A Dead Black Guy Who Got Shot By Bow And Arrow And Is Hanging Thorugh A Rope Tied To Both Of His Hands Together.

Little did we know Supa BWE has been in the game for over 12 years now as we later learned. One of the most wildest shows of the night the video below just goes to show what you missed out on. His IG.

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Gaby Rose- Hip Hop in Chinatown 2019

We discovered and filmed Gaby Rose performance in Chicago’s annual Hip Hop in Chinatown Festival. Gaby Rose closed out the 8 musicians that were chosen to perform through a freestyle contest on social media. Below you can hear 3 unreleased tracks from Gaby Rose, starting out with her song “S.H.I.T”, or…

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What does Aloe Vera Juice Taste like?

It is a sweet beverage nothing at all unpleasant about it. Quite the opposite in fact, one sip and you'll know you made the decision. As a side note I do not recognize all of the active ingredients, which has prompted me to later get into more details about what exactly…

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How much should I tip my Uber driver?

A Dollar. So how did I come up with the figure? Easy, I used to drive for them. Getting tip unfortunately wasn't as common as you'd think either. Honestly it confused me a bit. Especially when I'd pick up waiters or waitresses after their shift who'd complaint how mind boggling it…

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Even Jesus would have trouble Spending a Trillion Dollars.

Disclaimers. Assuming Jesus was born in 4 BC. and lived until today, $738,394 billion dollars would represent the exact amount Jesus would've spent by now if he was continuously spending a million dollars a day since the day he was born. Because according to nobody really knows exactly what year Jesus was born in. Some…

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$uicideboy$ – Vices

Swangin' in that '64, ridin' wit' a dead ho. Bitch, I'm from that murder block Don't give a fuck 'bout getting caught. It's time to meet your maker, undertaker of the murder clan. Don't fuck with mark ass bitches, send 'em off up in a ambulance$chema boys and $uicide, cock it…

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