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$UICIDEBOY$ – NOXYGEN [Prod. Oxytocin Dreams]

The triple six theory, I'm dropping the blade and I enter abyss The infamous lunatic, suicide shawty's be fucking your bitch. The G, the 5, the 9 I'm Satan's seed. $crimmy be smoking the herb, I bleed with the earth. Now come and follow me.

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$UICIDEBOY$ – nm jc

If it was up to me, I would fuck it up, Fuck everything and bust a nut Yung Mutt never smiles, got to cut me one. On my flip phone, dialin' 911 I need a pick me up, so come and pick me up So I can pick me up about…

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Xavier Wulf & Bones – WeatherMan

Call me WeatherMan I'm wherever man. It's so hard trying to keep some cash in, Now I'm sending ice out of all directions. Why this world gotta work like this, Call me WeatherMan I'm wherever man. It's so hard trying to keep some cash in. -Xavier Wulf

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Eighty4 Fly “Kush High”

Beach front villa cost a lot of scrilla, same for that foreign gas tank i fill up and honestly this whole tape sounds like a classic. All its missing is its thrillasingle mingle with the stars, im suppose to be in jail I'm just looking at the odd's. I must of…

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$uicideboy$ – King Tulip

Yeah, I was the wave, but now I feel the tide pullin' back. Ocean flatOften I lay in this coffin, sleep on my back. Toss a couple of 'em back. My liver really startin' to slack, And I can feel myself decayin' from the cigarette packs.

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Xavier Wulf – “WulfWood”

Nowadays, I don't rest so easily. I might say a lot but I don't say everything. I know things that can't be said so openly. I know things that folks don't know that's close to me. I know people lie that's why none close to me. I'm just smoking weed tryna…

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