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Sony Xperia XZ Premium | The Mirror Phone

Sony Xperia XZ Premium As soon as the man remove the top compartment and showed me the prize my eyes were dazzled. "This was it", I Thought. For a long time it really was. As with all my other phones I kept this without a case. Surprisingly enough despite the fact…

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 + | An Honest Review

It's Big. Normally I shy away from big phones normally because it's few of us out here who like walking around with a tablet looking phone. But hey, that's what Sprint store had in stock so I went with it. It Packs a Punch. The camera is beyond this world, I'm…

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Caught up in reality, smokin' on some fantasy. Put the gun against my head, pull the trigger, now I'm dead. Bitches wanna count my bread, only let them give me head. - PONTIUS PILATE

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Lil Wayne – Runnin ft. Shanell

And if I fall down I bet I hit the ground runnin. Bet you search and found nothing. Looking for the finish line. Stop short cuttin You fucking up your finish time. Shit, but every twice in a while It feels like I'm runnin, and life is the miles. -Lil Wayne…

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