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Caskey- Collect Calls (feat. Doobie)

Yeah, is you my homie or you homie hoppin'? You gon' ride for me or you just gon' reach out for any option? I come through and get it poppin', yeah Some people switched but you know this train it ain't ever stoppin'. Money on the phone, I call collect. I…

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Manu Crooks – Different League (Official Music Video)

I'm a different breed getting different freaks. Different shows getting different fees. On another level getting different C's. Yeah I'm getting paid now and its cliche now. Couple Euros turning European now, woah I was plotting in my room just last year, yeah. Now I'm overseas and that vision is so…

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Black Smurf – Stay Focused (Prod. by PurpDogg)

Walk like a boss talk like a boss but yous an applicant. You think your squad compare to mine now that's inaccurate. You make a move the Waterboyz will sink your battle ship. Then hustle family mafia come and wreck some shit.

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Mick Jenkins – U Turn (Official Audio)

It's fallacies all up in your watch, all up in your shoes. The tragedy, a cacophony causin' casualties. I'm glad to be black as coffee bean, on my Master P, My Cardi B, see, I'm takin' off like the brace is off.

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