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Have you gotten your Slice of the Pie?

Domino's Pizza continues to make noise, just two days ago it was announce that customers received a limited edition Domino's Pizza box for Cyber Monday with their Google Pixel 4 purchase. What's also following is their stock price. The biggest pizza-chain in the United States, happens to also be the biggest…

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A unexpected place you’ll find Good Pizza

I think most of us will know where we could pick up a slice if we're ever graving some it. But when you think of pizza what comes to mind? My guess is it probably isn't Whole Foods right? To tell you the truth it wouldn't have been mine either. But…

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A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Wouldn't be my first choice but did end up watching this film after I missed my original showing. Mr. Rodgers Would be Proud. Personally I started loosing interesting mid way through the movie. That's not to say Tom Hank didn't do a phenomenal job as Mr. Rodgers. For people like me…

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