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Embark™ Double High Twin Air Mattress Review

Imagine getting ready to go to bed when suddenly after five minutes of laying down you air mattress decides to deflate itself in the middle of the night -__- Visually it looks nice 👌🏻 Compared to the other mattresses on Target's shelf this one distinguished itself in how high the bed…

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How to deter a police officer acting out of line.

Rule #1 DO NOT touch them. You just can't physically interfere with police officer's regardless of the circumstances by force. It's beyond risky and illegal. I would never condone that as it may even cost you your life. Most people already know that so instead they resort to doing nothing or…

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Blacks Worse enemy isn’t the White man.

I've seen it too many times in my life, were some confrontation happens between two people of slightly different pigment of colors followed by a peaceful protest which frequently gets ruined by some other sub-category of protesters. Not to long ago at one of Chicago's neighboring neighborhood had it's own little…

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I hope Jake-Up see’s this.

The name of the song perfectly illustrates my thoughts after my friend shared his retirement plan with me. That's Very Minimalist Of You by Suicideboys You'll be up soon. 🙏

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