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Put me in a fucking Polo bodybagDon't be jealous everybody wanting what Oddy haveShotty blastPut that Tommy back and grab the GucciUzi spraying through meNo, my life ain't like no mother fucking movieYeah, it's more like a confession tapeTape her confession, take off her dress and watch her fucking faint Ruby…

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To my Hawaiian Friends.

Don't be Fooled. Two distinctive feature you may have noticed is the propaganda vs the real business you were able to take a peak at. That's the real stuff. Now the music, tweet's and personal reflections serve a different purpose including but not limited to SEO stuff. The technical stuff that…

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Corona Virus and Why You Should Chill Out.

It probably isn't going to kill you. Every once and a while I'll catch one of my Facebook friends post something to remind us all how the common flu kills more people then this Corona Virus Epidemic and they just give me a little bit more hope for society as a…

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Maya B – Dollar to A Diamond

Normally I keep my headphones on at the gym. But I'm beyond happy I came across this song and would definitely look forward to Maya B's future tracks. Enjoyed this song? Show your support here.

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