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Who’s going to kill 6IX9INE?

Who’s Going To Kill 6IX9INE?

Here’s a Clue, It won’t be the U.S Government.

By process of elimination we know U.S happy with Tekashi’s recent statements.but the best part? Apparently this same guy decline witness protection.

Should we be surprised?

People have been praying for his downfall since day one. To be even more completely honest with you guys, I myself did not like his appearance at first glanced and labelled him a clown..

Surprisingly this man still laughing.

On his way to the bank that is. Other then rapper, Tekashi is a natural born troll. You’d have to be colorblind to not see how he took his business to to the next level once he decided to add those finishes touches to his body and some of you guys are still surprise.

So who is Tekashi 69?

A troll… and a very clever one too. If you care enough to watch The Breakfast Club day’s before his incarceration we can pretty much sum up what I just wrote in the first :45 seconds. Priceless.

Next article?

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