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By this point it should be clear that I’m a big $uicideboy$ fan. Their tracks hardly disappoint and every time you think you’ve heard it all another one catches you by surprise. At least it has in my case.

I’ll admit the short animation video caught my eye but I stayed for the tune.

Ruby Da Cherry and $cream are the two culprits capable of sending high smoothing frequency wave patterns directly in between your cranium giving you that natural high-on life effects.

Believe me when I tell you these guys are Geniuses.

Contrary to their name, through their music they’ve actually prevented it. Kind of crazy when you go back and realize they were just two kids from New Orleans not willing to settle for anything less then they felt they deserved.

Which is more or less where they found a new fan.

Not that I condone it, but rumors are the two made a pact to actually commit suicide if their music never caught traction. Fortunately their message has gain fans and hopefully the two legends can drop us a couple more mixtapes to enjoy until death.

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