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Sub Cities | Featured Sandwich Shop | Alsip, IL

Sub Cities | Featured Sandwich Shop | Alsip, IL

Freshly Sliced Sandwiches

Priding themselves in setting the bar higher for food freshness and sanitation, Jim would rather lose a couple of dollars then to serve you something less than what he’d deem unworthy.

With stories you hear vs what Sub Cities countermeasures are to protect its consumers should be convincing enough to stop by and try one of his sandwiches out but be warn, you’re going to be stopping in for a couple more.

That is because for every major U.S city you could think of, Sub Cities probably has a sandwich named after it. Hence the name Sub Cities. Jim’s idea was just that, taking different sandwiches indigenous to their cities and bringing them all here for people to enjoy in one spot.

And they are delicious as well as filling. It had been a while since I had last stopped here but after eating just half of the “Washington D.C Sandwich” I was immediately reminded just how much meat and cheese gets packed into these subs.

But if you’re looking for a recommendation from the owner the “Hoboken Sandwich” filled with Provolone, Capicola, Mortadella, Italian Salami and Pepperoni was one of the first sandwiches created and as Jim says the most popular sandwich that his customers just keep coming back for.

As we’ve also learned, Jim always wanted to give his customers something different. Whereas in most places who carry your traditional chips, Sub Cities was one of the few places carrying Zapp’s Branded Chip’s which amuses Jim now as he now tells us even Potbelly has caught on now.

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