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Slightly Sinful | Featured Adult Novelty Store | Alsip, IL

Slightly Sinful | Featured Adult Novelty Store | Alsip, IL

Catering to all the Extra fun… In the Adult World.

Is how Carmen, the current manager for the last nine years would best describe her business. And she’s very inviting. “Take a Risk” she calmly says. Like the devil on your shoulder, this is her way of trying to lure you in the door.

But one shouldn’t be afraid.

That’s because Slightly Sinful only staff’s professional and judgement free people who are only looking to help you. Combine with their variety of products it seems like at every angle you look theirs something for everyone.

Apart from their wide selection of what you’d expect from your traditional adult store Slightly Sinful makes it their business to learns from it’s customers. As a result you can expect quality advice and recommendations based on previous feedback and customer satisfaction.

Strict Guidelines.

As we’ve also learned, anything that does not meet their standards, is immediately thrown out never to be sold again. Ensuring your chance of getting sold garbage is slim to none.

Everything else is featured, packaged and showcased with the price stickers being in the back of most of their products. Also known for their dance wear professional dancers usually do find their favorite shoes here along with their different selection of sexy outfits they carry .


Bachelorette party’s are something Slightly Sinful seems to also have a good grip on. With enough time in anticipation, usually a week you could rely on Slightly Sinful to put together a nice package for you.

If you’re still not convince, Here’s a fun fact.

Originally getting denied from The Village of Alsip, Slightly Sinful eventually escalated their case all the way to the supreme court during the early 2000 just to swing their doors open.

This is history in the making.

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