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That Boy A.B. – Enough

If within the first 3 seconds of this song you don't feel the beat then you won't like the rest. For everyone else That Boy A.B Top Single From, "The Contradiction" is a song you'll most likely appreciate if not relate back to.

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Sailfish OS | Breaking Free from Android and iOS

In case you have not heard of it before Sailfish OS is a relatively new totally independent operating system with the sole goal to get your privacy back. The Russian Government apparently trust it and is available for the early adopters to wipe and installed a completely new operating system on…

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what is Citric Acid?

It's time to get smart with our food. Anything not familiar with us should be researched. Anything not in our best interest should be boycotted. So what is Citric Acid? Citric acid was first derived from lemon juice by a Swedish researcher in 1784  so that should kind of give you an idea…

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