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You can't smoke around, sit around Gotta cop and dip, Move a hundred pound outta' bounds Now I'm getting chips, When I was young I was hella dumb My trap wasn't shit. Went from a 1 to a metric ton Trap house did a flip.

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See, I been fucking up my life no joke Tatted my face, quit my job, went broke But I been loving every day a little more When you hear that wooden block, you know it's only Ghost

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Trappin' out the ocean just so I don't lose focus, I'm always sippin' purple potion, keep them Backwoods in motion Yeah, I use and I sell Yeah, I'm straight out of hell. You drop my name in any city, bet it's gonna ring bells.

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Azizi Gibson – Smoking With The Gods

Taking bong rips from my nigga Pharaoh out the tomb Weed so loud, think we trippin' out on 'shrooms. This that good shit that make a hundred plans, don't do shit. The answer, take a whiff of this and hear music I swear, I'm rollin' and all my weed is golden.…

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Azizi Gibson – Cruel Intentions

You wanna make money, man, that’s so ironic Pass me the gun, I’m shooting up Get out the way or you’re fucked You’re fake as hell and I’ve had enough The reaper’s here and I’m tired as fuck.

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Azizi Gibson – Boo

This crazy life is Wizard of Oz You think there’s somethin’ behind the curtain but there’s not. Just the government with a large eye Countin' down ’til the days that we all die.

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