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Goth Angel: The Story Of Lil Peep (Full Documentary)

Lil Peep despite dying at such a young age has probably has accomplish more then most of us still living today. Unfortunately for this young musician his 21st Birthday was the last birthday he was able to celebrate. This documentaries dives deeper on his accomplishments as well as his humble beginnings.…

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If you've ever watched 28 Days Later you might recognize this sample. As John Murphy - In the House - in a Heartbeat was part of the original soundtrack that got sampled for $UICIDEBOY$ "SUNSHINE"

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Gave her the number to my phone Told her dial-up 666 if she need to get a hold of me And hopefully, she'll give me a call when she is home and free and Lonely. Phone rang twice, but I missed both calls I was hanging in the hall, toll-free.

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WELCOME TO HELL: The History and Influence of MEMPHIS RAP

Memphis rap subject matter include robbers, drug use, murder, gang violence, crime, horror and the occult creating a dissociative experience for the listener. This short but informative documentary dives deeper into it's roots, influence and rappers who started it all.

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Rappers especially A$ap Rocky have long used Clams Casino's beats and for a good reason. They go well together. But unlike most traditional rapper's Ghostmane purposely portraits a darker theme throughout his music and no other video better illustrates it better then this one. It should also be worth mentioning that…

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