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How much should I tip my Uber driver?

A Dollar. So how did I come up with the figure? Easy, I used to drive for them. Getting tip unfortunately wasn't as common as you'd think either. Honestly it confused me a bit. Especially when I'd pick up waiters or waitresses after their shift who'd complaint how mind boggling it…

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Even Jesus would have trouble Spending a Trillion Dollars.

Disclaimers. Assuming Jesus was born in 4 BC. and lived until today, $738,394 billion dollars would represent the exact amount Jesus would've spent by now if he was continuously spending a million dollars a day since the day he was born. Because according to nobody really knows exactly what year Jesus was born in. Some…

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$uicideboy$ – Vices

Swangin' in that '64, ridin' wit' a dead ho. Bitch, I'm from that murder block Don't give a fuck 'bout getting caught. It's time to meet your maker, undertaker of the murder clan. Don't fuck with mark ass bitches, send 'em off up in a ambulance$chema boys and $uicide, cock it…

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$UICIDEBOY$ – NOXYGEN [Prod. Oxytocin Dreams]

The triple six theory, I'm dropping the blade and I enter abyss The infamous lunatic, suicide shawty's be fucking your bitch. The G, the 5, the 9 I'm Satan's seed. $crimmy be smoking the herb, I bleed with the earth. Now come and follow me.

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$UICIDEBOY$ – nm jc

If it was up to me, I would fuck it up, Fuck everything and bust a nut Yung Mutt never smiles, got to cut me one. On my flip phone, dialin' 911 I need a pick me up, so come and pick me up So I can pick me up about…

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Xavier Wulf & Bones – WeatherMan

Call me WeatherMan I'm wherever man. It's so hard trying to keep some cash in, Now I'm sending ice out of all directions. Why this world gotta work like this, Call me WeatherMan I'm wherever man. It's so hard trying to keep some cash in. -Xavier Wulf

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