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Sub Cities | Featured Sandwich Shop | Alsip, IL

Freshly Sliced Sandwiches Priding themselves in setting the bar higher for food freshness and sanitation, Jim would rather lose a couple of dollars then to serve you something less than what he’d deem unworthy. With stories you hear vs what Sub Cities countermeasures are to protect its consumers should be convincing…

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Kemba – Last Year Being Broke

Kemba, previously known as YC The Cynic jumped on the scene with pure intellect. His message in case you want to hear is can be heard by clicking here. His newest song, "Last Year Being Broke", with the same tone take on a new turn and still being just as good…

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GHOSTEMANE – Lake Shore Drive

Florida rapper Ghostmane isn't just yelling things out of the microphone. Well maybe he is. But if you listen closely it's still audible where it'd make sense and he's most definitely spitting bars. Similar to Wavy Jone$, Ghostemane along with other subject's also focuses on questionioning reality. While Lake Short Drive…

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Super chill songs like this is what Wavy Jone$ originally and new fans will miss. Mind you, he's not dead. We actually had a short little interview with him a while back but we are still questioning the rumors. How could we not? Alongside his super chill songs, Wavy Jone$ theme…

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