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$UICIDEBOY$ – Krewe du Vieux (Comedy & Tragedy)

Ruby rarely rap about stackin' up cash. Prolly why my wall missing platinum plaques. From depression to profession, it happened so fast. Took some dabs last night, now I'm back to no wax. Always gotta get fucked up, I can't last one day without fuckin' it up.

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$uicideboy$ – AM/PM

These scenes keep on flashin' inside of my head, But I'd rather be dead. Got no bread, Out of meds. I can't find no tranquility. Put me out of my misery. Insomnia drivin' me mental, so I put it on a front like golds on my dental My lifes accidental. At…

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Caught up in reality, smokin' on some fantasy, Put the gun against my head, pull the trigger, now I'm dead. Bitches wanna count my bread, only let them give me head. Sleeping in a tulip bed, smokin' green and seeing red. Loading up the clip with lead, trigger finger soft as…

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$uicideboy$ x Na$ty Matt – To Kill a Mockingbird

You been working for the man doing all that you can. ************I been fucking bitches, I been flexing dirty Vans.Who's your favorite rapper? Bet I'm serving themMurder them. cause I ain't ever heard of them. You a bitchYou ain't shit but a fucking lickYou ain't qualified to wash my mother fucking…

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