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5 Things Lyft Drivers Secretly Wished You Knew

By: Ruben Royce 


A lot of times what I've come to find out when driving for Lyft is theirs a ton of pressure on us drivers and the way we are rated can be a bit harsh. Now as I've stated before the majority of my passengers have been pleasant but I have noticed a series of repeated patterns which prompt me to start writing and to remind you that we are humans and that's how we'd like to be treated.. well maybe not but you get what I'm saying. Without further ado here it goes.  


We’d prefer if you sat in the front.

Part of why we are driving for Lyft in the first place is because we wanted to be part of “that community.” While at first glanced, you may think we’re just another ride-sharing app (given we do the same.) Lyft’s model was designed to be and feel like as if you were driving around a friend. To tell you the truth we hate feeling like someone's chafers but we sure wouldn’t mind having a great conversation with a “friend”. Next time try riding in the front and you will see for yourself how that vibe immediately gets activated.  

You’re getting a steal.
It doesn’t matter where you’re going. In most cases, you’ll be saving way over 50% than the standard taxi. And we honestly do go out of our way to make sure you’re satisfied with our service. Given these facts, it’s always mind-boggling how you can exit our car without tipping us. The ease of electronic payments should not be an excuse for you to forget about your manners. 15% has been known as the industry standard. But you’ll be off the hook if you could at least tip us $2.5 tip per ride. At this point, that’d be better than nothing.

Tone it down a bit.
As a reminder, most of our customers are very pleasant. So, this will probably not pertain to you. The only reason I choose to write about this is for the 0.01% of you out there who act like the world owes you something. First of all, do realize that most of us drive our own vehicle. Which means It is up to our own sole discretion whether we will allow you in our car in the first place. A bad attitude or having trouble communicating with us will probably send off a bunch of red flags and you may end up without a ride. My best advice is to try to be nice, act humble and rest assure we will get you to your destination.

You’re the boss.
Do you want a little bit more heat? Just ask. Do you need to plug up your phone? No problem. Allow me to remind you that you're the boss. However, that doesn’t mean you can start eating inside our car let alone lighting up a cigarette. I must add that the car you just got in was probably clean and the next rider after you, we believe deserves the same treatment. Does that seem fair?

Don’t be Evil.

Getting us excited and telling us that you’re going to tip us on the app only to not follow through with your words does not make you a good person. In fact, it’s quite sneaky and borderline evil. Perhaps, you thought you’d be able to get away with saying you would do something nice for us without us ever finding out whether or not you did. (Which if that’s the case that’s just more messed up.)  Long story short we know who tipped us and who didn’t so it’d probably be better to not say anything if you’re not going to follow with your words.

I read this over prior to getting it online. I must admit I do sound like I have an attitude myself and you probably wouldn’t want to get into a Lyft ride, to begin with. I completely get it however these are real issues that I’ve needed to address for the sole reason to raise consciousness and to remind people that at the end of the day we are honestly one of the best ride sharing app as of 2017 and a big part of what makes us so great is also contributed by you and this is just a few ways you can improve everyone’s experience here at Lyft.


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By: Ruben Royce 

Lyft is an awesome ride sharing app with an arsenal of community friendly drivers, and I’m happy to say I’m one of them. Apart from getting paid to drive people around I’ve found that Lyft provides a lot more than a monetary reward. In this post you might be surprised and possibly get your own ideas as to how becoming a Lyft Driver might become of value to your life. 

It’s Similar to Traveling-

Well duh, you’re driving people around you may say. But that’s not where I’m going with this. Anyone who has traveled usually always comes back home with a whole new perspective on life or with new views that they wouldn’t have had if they had not traveled to the other side of the world. And even though you won’t necessarily be driving anyone to another country you do get foreigners, exchange students and even locals who willingly express their personal views and make you challenge your beliefs. A lot of people choose to not even get into the “gray areas” but I can assure you there’s a way to do it and to do It right to the point that they end up showing their appreciation in tips. But that’s for another day.

Your World Gets Smaller-

Truthfully, I’ve learned we lived in a small world long before driving for this company. But what I’ve come to find is that 1 out of every 9 people I give rides to end up knowing mutual friends. Although it may not seem like a big deal it’s similar to having your world shrink but on steroids. And that in itself may end up being a big deal. Apart from meeting mutual friend’s, you meet a whole range of professionals, business owners, and even people within your own community who you wouldn’t have met otherwise. It has even helped me grow my personal Linked In account do to Lyft riders who wanted to stay in touch.

Promote Your Business-

Back at home, I manage a little family business in Alsip, IL we started back in 2013. Currently I’m typing this post in my office. But one thing I’ve learned about advertising is it’s really expensive. But thanks to Lyft I now get paid to advertise my business. 😉 Whether you thought about starting your own business or if you already own your own business. Taking advantage of Lyft to self-promote may be one of the smartest ways to get the word out. Again, theirs an effective way to doing it as shoving anything down someone’s throat is just as bad as not advertising at all.

If you’re going to want to drive for Lyft one thing is for certain, you have to like the job. While pay isn’t the best I’ve given you a glimpse of how Lyft can work for you as opposed to you feeling like you are working for them.


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