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Killer Clown Would’ve Made a Better Title

Killer Clown Would’ve Made A Better Title

First some disclaimers, unless you don’t plan on watching the new Joker film please don’t let me ruin your experience and hit the back button now.

I’ll be okay being called a hater.

Since the release of “The Dark Knight” I became a huge fan of the Joker. Thinking this new “Joker” film would only increase my level of likeness towards the super villain I ended up instead being deeply disappointed. While most people seem to enjoy Joaquin Phoenix laugh I couldn’t stand it and I even got annoyed of it.

The story was boring.

Other then the surprising entrance he made at the talk show scene between the interval of the two hour film I kept thinking to myself it’s going to get better. To my surprise it really didn’t. Had it not been the most talked about movie, I probably would’ve just walk away. Instead I stayed for the entire film.

Final Thoughts?

I don’t want to go down as a hater. I will have to re-watch the film and see if I get the joke that I missed towards the end.

Want to know what movie I did make a run for?


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