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Huawei’s Security Concern in US may be Good News After all.

Huawei’s Security Concern In US May Be Good News After All.

Huawei is one of the few phone manufacture who barely had people talking about in the US but had a dominating footprint throughout the world. They are the kind of manufactures who would equip their phones with higher end parts at a fraction of the price. While originally marketing themselves as a cheaper alternative they were barely making a name for themselves as the premium options by the early adopters here in the US.

So what happened?

Somebody started getting nervous. It’s no secret that at one point Bill Gates too was getting nervous when Linux came out. It’s been well documented that him along with Steve Jobs saw a free open source operating system as a business killer to their proprietary operating system. Fast forward a couple of years later and today you’ll be surprised by the fact that now Windows along with Google’s Chromebook’s will now be shipped with a full Linux Kernel.


But Huawei offers a bigger threat you say.

Perhaps, we don’t know the full scoop of this political arena that prompted the White House to quickly draft out an executive order specifically targeting Huawei. But the way it made the New York Headlines was that China was spying on us. Which is not something to brush off lightly of course but last I remember it’s the software that gives brains to the hardware. Not the other way around.

Although their are other methods.. but we’d like to see some proof first.

So how is Huawei’s Restriction good news?

Sailfish OS and Huawei may just give us best of both worlds. With Huawei being cut out from Google Services, and Huawei attempting to recreate their own operating system from scratch, it may just be a better idea for the two independent companies to give each other a hand by furthering enhancing the independent Sailfish OS while giving the consumer freedom and choice to be able to buy the best money could buy.

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